Printing to Public Computers from a MAC Computer

Sunday, June 7, 2009 ·

Mac users can see only those printers located on their particulur subnet. They must manually add any printer that is not. To add a remote printer, the printer should be configured as an LPR printer (printing directly to the printer rather than going through a print queue). The printer domain name and printer model informataion are required for setting up a Mac for printing to a public printer.

The public printers are found in the public computing labs as well as a small other public’s areas. Users with a Mac operating system computer can set it up to print to any of the public printers from a position of work. A list of public printers for Mac users can be found in the link belowe. Also below are instructions for setting up a Mac OS 9 and OS X computer to print to a public printer.

• Printer display menu says "paper tray empty" or "low toner."
• If it is a public printer, one of the HelpLine staff can be dispatched to replenish the paper or toner if non is available at the lab site.
• If it is a departmental printer, the secretary who manages the printer must be contacted.

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