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Thursday, June 4, 2009 ·

Securing your mail client is just one of the lessons necessary to achieve optimum security against email threats. If you have not already done so, visit the Email Help Center for tips on spotting malicious attachments and the do's and dont's of email security. Merk W. from Denmark provides the following tips for securing Eudora:

Qualcomm has virtually no information on their website about how to protect from email viruses and Eudora users are very much left to their own devices. The latest help file also offers little help.

All Qualcomm has recommended on their website is:
a. that you disable "Allow executables in HTML content" in Tools: Options: Viewing mail,
b. that you rename the Attach directory/folder to something of your own choice and reconfigure the program to know this ( tells you how to do this). The reason for doing this is that malicious persons may use the default location when creating viruses.

c. that you turn off the Microsoft Viewer under Tools: Options: Viewing mail. This is an extreme solution as it will mean that ∑many emails will not display correctly. Instead I suggest that the "Show message preview pane" (also in Tools: Options: Viewing mail) be disabled so that the user always has complete control of what he wants to open and can delete suspect files without opening them.

d. Eudora warns you if you attempt to launch many file extensions as attachments. To change this setting (I would recommend this) so that you are warned every time you launch an attachment, regardless of the extension:

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