Installation steps of Microsoft Exchange server

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 ·

It is very difficult to install Exchange 2003 than any other Microsoft product. so there are few steps by using these steps you can install the Microsoft exchange server. Microsoft exchange server is a powerful mailing server . its capacity to store mails is up to 20 GB. so you can store more mails in this mailing server. these mailing servers are used in the big organization to store the data so the data will not loss. Before installing the exchange server Ad is installed with out the Active directory you can not installed the exchange server. these are the few services that should be start so that the exchange server will install properly.

Exchange Server 2003 Requires the following Windows 200x services

* .NET Framework
* Internet Information Services (IIS)
* World Wide Web Publishing Service
* Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service
* Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) servic .

Just like its predecessors, Exchange 2003 comes in two editions. Always choose the Enterprise edition because it has no limit on the mail Store database. The standard edition should come with a warning that the 16 GB limit will be insufficient for all but the smallest organization.

installation can be done in three steps . Install Exchange Server 2003 in stages:

a) Setup /forestprep Exchange 2003 - setup /domainprep and /forestprep

b) Setup /domainprep

c) Finally plain: setup .

after completing the installation . you can configure the exchange server and use it. it correlates the Active directory so the active directory must be installed and the DNS should be configured properly.

you can recover the mails and the deleted user accounts. so it is very useful for the organizations to store the data and the information.

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