Bullet Proof Protection Against Computer Virus

Sunday, March 7, 2010 ·

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In the present context of the Internet threat, computer virus is a broad category as it comprises not only the true viruses, which can replicate themselves, but also includes malware, adware and spyware, which don’t have the replication capability.

However, we are not concern here to define virus, but to get a comprehensive solution for protection against them. Follow the below mentioned precautions.

Enable Windows Update

Windows operating system is equipped with update mechanism, which can update your software programs, especially operating system, Microsft Office application, Intenet Explorer and e-mail-client, so that they remain inert against the latest viruses.

Configure firewall protection

Firewall is an inbuilt feature of Windows operating system and by default, it remains in enabled status, but you must configure it well to get the effectual result. It checks the traffic flow, both incoming and outgoing, so that your system is protected against viruses, spyware, malware and other malicious threat.

Implement virus scanning tools

If your system is infected with computer viruses, then you need to scan it with a suitable virus scanning tool, which can diagnose and remove them in no time. There are wide ranges of virus scanner available online like Kaspersky Online Scanner and HouseCall.

Install/update antivirus software

You should keep your computer equipped with a compatible antivirus software, for further protection. If you have it, then keep it updated with latest patches. Nowadays most of the virus protection software programs available in the market can update themselves on their own, so that you can keep working without any tension. Some of the best antivirus software include AVG INTERNET SECURITY 9.0, avast! Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection 2010.

Key obligations for virus protection

• Purchase software only form authentic source
• Avoid data swapping with mobile storage devices
• Always scan a program after downloading from Internet
• Say no to pirated software
• Don’t open e-mail coming from unknown source

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