PC checkup for smart performance

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 ·

PC checkup are the free utility software, which can work independently without hampering the system performance and do the important repair works. They bring about considerable improvement in performance without any further investment. The major area of concerns of PC checkup is to free hard drive space, clean browser search term history, cleanup weird up registry and remove temporary files.

Some important PC checkup software includes:

Spyware Begone

PC checkup brings a clear picture of your system. It can scan and remove any kind of spyware or adware present on your system. It will monitor your hard disk for the presence of bad sector and removes temporary files to give you brand new experience.

PC Pitstop

This PC health checkup program comes under five versions with segregated features. These are Optimize, Driver alert, Exterminate, Disk MD, Erase.

PC Pitstop's Optimize is well known PC optimizer. It can bring about incredible changes in your system performance. Its major role is to remove unwanted file which are associated with Recycle Bin, Internet Cache and Temporary files.

After scanning your system, Optimize gives you the option to review the files that it found and to select which files should be deleted.

PC Pitstop Driver Alert gives information about the most compatible driver with your system device. It will scan and bring the status of different drivers present in your system.

PC Pitstop Exterminate is an effective tool against malware, virus and spyware. In addition, it has crucial scanning technology which can detect many of more sneaky and malicious malware.

PC Pitstop Disk MD has the solitary role to remove the fragmented file. Hence it is very much similar to disk defragmenter. Hence, by cleaning the hard disk it lowers the reading time of the file and thus contributes towards the system performance.