PC Health checkup

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 ·

PC health check up is an important tool for keeping your PC in a healthy condition. It will prevent it from slowing down, Freezing or even Crashing. Let's understand the benefits of the PC checkup with a best PC optimizer or checkup tools PC Doc Pro.

With this latest PC checkup you can breathe new life into your old PC. This PC checkup software will gently cleans, repairs and optimizes your registry. From the below discussion you can understand the function of the PC health check up.

Scan: PC health checkup will scan your entire system for any error. It will generate a complete report about the survey done. You will get all the errors found on your system. Here you have option to pause and resume or cancel the scanning process. As soon as the process is finish the data will be immediately backed up.

Rescue: Induction of PC checkup will backup the windows registry. Hence restoring it to factory setting will significantly improve the function of your system. While working with the registry be careful it might affect the working of your system.

Registry Defrag: With the help of PC check up user would be able to analyze and tweak the system's registry to bring the desired changes.

Results: Underneath the option tab the user will be able to view all the operations and corrections implemented by the PC health check up.

Tools: User would be able to save memory space and improve their computer's speed by customization option of the PC checkup. They can disable the unnecessary programs in the startup.