How to create a table of contents in Microsoft Word

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 ·

With the use of Microsoft office help user would be able to make a content table under Microsoft word. The procedure can be broadly classified in two steps, where in the first step user have to identify the text which they want to use in the Table of Contents, and in the next step you have to initiate command for the Word to insert the table of content.

After once the Table of content is created user can modify or customize them accordingly. Let's follow simplified procedure of creating a Table of Content.

Step 1: As per Microsoft office help choose the text which you want to use for creating your Table of Contents.

Click within the first major heading that you need to appear in the Table of Contents on your word document. On the paragraph selected assign Heading 1. This is most simple to do, you have click the Style box located on the Formatting toolbar and select Heading 1. Similarly you have to assign Heading 1 style to other significant headings in your document. Use Heading 2 style to sub-headings, Heading 3 style to sub-sub-headings and so on.

However if you want to make any modification on the heading styles look, you can select different font or font size or color.

Step 2: Create the Table of Contents with Microsoft office help. You have to specify the location where you want the table of content to appear. Under Microsoft Word 2002 and 2003 go as follow: Insert > Reference > Index and Tables. Click on the Table of Contents tab. (Elsewhere on this page, this is called the Table of Contents dialog.) Click OK.

In prior version you can do as follow: choose Insert > Index and Tables. Click on the Table of Contents tab. (Elsewhere on this page, this is called the Table of Contents dialog.) Click OK.

Step 3: Customize the Table of Contents as per Microsoft help.

You can bring the changes in the look of your font by modifying the Heading style. Don't make a wrong approach like, Format > Paragraph or Format > Font. Never use the font size or bold buttons on the toolbar.

Alternatively you can do two things in the Table of Contents dialog. Primarily make sure to choose "From Template” that, from the Formats box. Secondary choose the option Modify and modify the relevant TOC style. As per Microsoft help Word uses style TOC 1 for the top level of contents, TOC 2 for the next level etc.


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