Microsoft exchange server installation options

Thursday, May 28, 2009 ·

Microsoft exchanger server is one of the best mailing server . This server is used by the big companies . You can store more data in the exchange server. This is a mailing servers. So every one can use this server . Your data is safe in the exchanger serves. There are more options in the exchanger to the other mailing servers . These are the few benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server, and you are considering deploying this robust messaging & collaboration platform, you should become familiar with your installation options. They include:

• Self hosted
• Shared hosted
• Privately hosted

Many large companies and organizations invested to create own Microsoft Exchange Server environments. What they have found is that the costs associated with purchasing equipment and licensing, installing the messaging system, and maintaining it over the years can be prohibitively expensive. But the most important thing in the exchange server is that it is very difficult to maintain it, That doesn’t mean that self-hosting is always a bad option: if you have a large, well-trained IT staff and your users are highly centralized, you may find that self-hosting is the best choice for you.

Why is Self-Hosted Exchange server so Expensive?

All three servers must be licensed for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and the mail server must be licensed for Microsoft Exchange. Additionally, you must license each user for both Windows Server and Exchange Server. So before you even consider hardware and implementation,

20 user system costs between $4000 & $5000 in licensing alone. There are several important components are
• Data Backup
• Anti-virus / Anti-Spam
• Internet connectivity
• Ongoing support and maintenance

What is Shared Hosted Exchange server.

umber of companies have sprung up on the web that have created large Microsoft Exchange Server infrastructures capable of supporting thousands of users. They offer a simple solution for single users or small companies to host Exchange email. They generally charge a very short amount from the customers. Their plans include a specific amount of storage for each user account,

Single Sign-on is another great feature of Exchange server that is unavailable to shared hosted customers. Exchange Server environment, users login using their Active Directory user account, and this account is also used to access their email system. That means that a single login, a single password, gives them access to all of their applications and data

Benefits of Shared & Self Hosted .

Customer designated users have access to management utilities. Every feature of Active Directory and Exchange Server may be customized to meet your organization’s needs. This mailing server support all third part softwares.

You can add VPN to any PHE plan, and with that we support single sign-on. We can establish a trust with an existing Active Directory or you can join your servers to your Active Directory in our data center. Either way, you can enjoy all the benefits of an enterprise AD environment without having to design and implement it. The exchanger server engineers free user account management, free implementation plans, and of course we can provide professional services to integrate your email system .

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