Check the printer's status via the Web

Thursday, May 21, 2009 ·

New printers have their own websites you can check that website for all information related to printers for example printing status, display messages, paper tray sizes, and printer capabilities.

To find this information for one of the newer printers via the web:
• Find the printer's IP address or name by following instructions in section FIND PRINTER DOMAIN NAME/IP ADDRESS AND PRINTER MODEL. Note: If there is more than one printer at the public lab location, the printers are connected in a printer queue and given one name, such as However, each printer also has an individual name (such as: cha3hp, cha4hp, cha5hp). When checking a specific printer on the web, you must enter the individual name of the printer you are checking.
• Enter the printer's IP address or name in the address field on your web browser screen, as in: or
• A screen may appear, asking to install a Hewlett-Packard utility program for viewing the printer information. Click Yes to accept.
• Then a screen will appear with the above status information.

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