Microsoft corporation spends $300.00 million on Ad campaign

Friday, April 10, 2009 ·

After sleeping for nearly three years while Apple corporation successfully bashed it every night on network television with the Mac vs. PC ad campaign, Microsoft corporation has sobered up and taken the offensive over the last several months with a series of marketing messages comparing the relative prices of Macs and PCs made by Microsoft corporation's partners.

Perhaps someone at Microsoft Corporation should start to wonder what kind of branding message they are implanting in the public mind... In continuing to push this strategy, Microsoft corporation is inadvertently reinforcing every single branding message Apple has ever attached to the Mac.

Virtually everyone who has ever used a personal computer has used Windows , meaning that almost every single computer user on the planet has developed an association with Windows,"

Microsoft corporation has essentially conceded that point. As others have noted, Microsoft corporation's shoppers don't ever wonder about the relative merits of Finder versus Windows Explorer in its latest series of ads. Instead, they focus completely on trying to make a hardware-to-hardware price comparison between various notebooks," Kraziit writes. "Yet, Microsoft Corporation is a software company. And software, not hardware, is where you form a lasting relationship with a computer.

The only thing the PC industry is excited about right now are Netbooks, which they fail to mention are eroding their margins even more than they have already been eroded after decades of price wars. And now Microsoft corporation is once again driving the price message, training consumers to expect ever lower prices from their computer salesperson," Kraazit writes. "Apple, meanwhile, with the best margins in the personal computer industry and two highly profitable consumer electronics products funding its growth, has now had its marketing message of the last two years--Macs are better than PCs--amplified by its rival's message--PCs are cheaper than Macs."

Kraziit writes, "While the world needs Kias, the world wants BMWs, and anyone old enough to grasp a dollar understands that most times, you get what you pay for. Consumer confidence will one day return, and in taking the 'Apple Tax' campaign to new heights (or lows) Microsoft corporation has not only strained the bounds of credulity, it has cemented the idea that Macs are an aspirational product."

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