Windows 7 Review

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 ·

Last night finally i get along with my windows 7 experience, but don't know why was it only me who has got discouraged or their are some of more their in my followers list, surely there would be..

On a first impression it only seems as if windows 7 is just a vista make over nothing more than that and has just grown some what more complex then vista rather then summing up

Once again Microsoft has moved stuff around in the User Interface. After baffling its loyal users by completely changing the XP User Interface, So it started moving stuff, with the Control Panel taking the brunt of the abuse. Need to add a printer? Welcome to the new "Devices and Printers" applet! Looking for the "System and Maintenance" subgroup? It now has a new name: "System and Security." And can you guess where the Security subgroup went? No? Then it's time for some retraining!

System performance: with the same hardware requirements as vista it seemed as if Microsoft might have some thing to be patted for as with each of their releases a common history is the hardware requirement needs rises the bar of hardware cost. But sorry to comment some thing as 7 us as slow as vista, In fact, Windows 7's performance is virtually identical to that of Microsoft windows Vista SP1 on the same hardware. If you were unhappy with Vista's CPU-hogging, memory-sucking ways, Windows 7 will provide little relief.