Virus removal

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 ·

Viruses are the man made software coding that attacks your system or application softwares. They are hazardous for your computer system and eventually to the stored data. Even they can steal your personal information like password and credit card information. So virus removal is important to maintain privacy of personal information and keep system working in smooth condition.

Virus removal softwares are available in two modes, the first one is the independent or third party software and other is online scanner. Both differ considerably in their function. The former Virus removal software work as a preventive measures, while the other one gives offensive approach.

Virus removal software are of different category. Let's get familiar with tested and certified list.

McAfee Family Protection

If you want to get comprehensive and economical PC security then don't waste your time. Get the 1-Year Subscription for 3PCs @ $39.99(USD). You will get the below commitment:

Ban objectionable Websites --Objectionable websites will get filtered so that you are safeguarded from obscene contents.

Decide correct YouTube Videos for kids--Unique key word filtering technology will allow only selected videos.

Schedule time table for kids online--You can schedule timetable for kids so that they don't make misuse of Internet.

Let your family enjoy instant messaging-- It will monitors and records instant message conversations and restrain you from improper dialogue or conversations with strangers.

Online Virus scan tools are too available which can scan and remove viruses on the spot so that you can enjoy healthy computer. These virus removal tools needs to be executed from suitable web browser.

Avira AntiVir Personal for Windows

Above online Virus removal tool provides an easy-to-use interface and pre-configured scan tasks. Hence it will quickly scan your most important drives and folders. You can perform scanning of individual files and folders with the right-click option in Explorer or on the desktop. Alternatively files can be dragged and dropped into the AntiVir virus removal console for quick scanning.

Avira AntiVir Personal online Virus removal tool can be used in Safe Mode. Hence a very effective if the window is not able to boot in normal mode.