Printer Troubleshooting Tips

Monday, August 10, 2009 ·

If you have any type of printer problems then you can try below methods to solve your problems instead of directly calling tech support guys , just follow below methods to solve your printer problems

Clearing out Stuck Print Jobs - Method 1

If your printer is not printing, check the print job status, also known as the print spooler. Usually the little printer icon will be stuck down by your clock on the bottom right side of your desktop. Double Click the printer icon, and check the status of your print job. See if your job is printing or if there is an error.

You can highlight the stuck document, Right Click, and click on Cancel. This will usually stop the print job.

If you have several documents in the list that are stuck, you can click on PRINTER on the top Menu and then choose CANCEL ALL DOCUMENTS.

Clearing out Stuck Print Jobs - Method 2

If you do not have the printer icon by your clock on the desktop, Go to CONTROL PANEL>Printers and Double Click the printer you are having problems with. Follow the directions above to kill the print jobs.

Clearing out Stuck Print Jobs - Method 3

Click on START>RUN

Type in CMD and you will get a Windows Command window


Go to My Computer and double Click on the C:\ drive

Then go to C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\PRINTERS and delete the files inside that folder.

Restart the print spooler by typing NET START SPOOLER at the command prompt.

If your printer is still not printing properly, try powering off the printer, and rebooting the computer. This will usually reset things. If that does not work, deleting your printer and reinstalling may fix things.

If all of these things do not not help, then it's time to talk to Paul!