How do I Disable Some of My Windows Startup Programs?

Friday, August 28, 2009 ·

When you start your computer, many applications might load at startup, out of which some may not be required at all. Windows comes with a startup managing utility called MSCONFIG, using which you can disable startup applications. This is also called System Configuration Utility. To access MSCONFIG, try these steps:

• Click Start, Run and type MSCONFIG
• Click Startup tab and view the listings there
• Uncheck the corresponding entry for the application which you want to disable from startup
• Click OK

The entries are reappearing again…..What now?
Some applications will repopulate the entry in the Startup. In that case, you need to check into that software’s options page and disable it’s “Run at startup” or similar feature.
Which startup items are mandatory?

Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows XP does not require any program for mandatory startup. Everything is your choice. The very recommended ones which needs to run at startup are:

• Firewall programs
• Anti virus software and anti-spyware utilities
• Keyboard software or related for hotkey functionality (this one is optional as well)
• Software provided by your Internet Service Provider (for Internet Connectivity)