Why You Have to Regularly Install Updates on your PC?

Monday, July 13, 2009 ·

What is an update?
Generally updates are those patches and hot fix which are provided by software manufacturer. New technologies, hardwares and viruses are coming day by day and people do not know when viruses infect their computer while browsing Internet. Updates protect your computer against latest viruses and other kind of security threats. New updates increases the software functionality, enhanced security and performance. Windows often release critical update and Service Packs, computer user's should installe the update on regularly basis whenever its available.

Some user ask is it safe to download update form net? answer is “yes” because it is noticeable thing when you download any update that winnows updating process does not send any information about your computer and its configuration to Microsoft. Before downloading any updatesyou you should be damn sure that you have a original software , Otherwise your Operating System might get corrupted.

Below are the updates which Microsoft support.

Advanced Security updates: When a new security problem face by Microsoft, they released instantly new hot pix and patches. This patch protect you computer against viruses. If you does not update this patch then you will need to use virus removal software.

Service Packs: service packs contains lost of critical updates. windows XP service pack 3 is latest update bundle of Microsoft. Service packs help your system reliability, Program compatibility, security and drivers upgradation and more.

Recommended Updates: Some type of updates are recommended by Microsoft for windows operating system. These type of update are generally give you pop-ups for downloading.

Device Drivers Update: This kind of update to computer hardware such as sound or video card. They updates hardware, firmware and makes your device perform better.

How to Schedule Windows Update:

If you are ready to download windows update either you can download it manually , or schedule it automatically. You can install updates manually from windows web site. There are four option for Windows Update. You can select within this option according to your needs.

1) Automatic: It is a recommended Option, if you are select this option, windows finds and downloads updates in the background process and you are not interrupted during this process.
2) Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them : It is gives you a notified alert pop-ups when windows search any updates, and download them.
3) Notify me but don't automatically download or install updates: It give you a notified alert pop-up and ask you to download or not update.
4) Turn off Automatic Updates: Some time your hardware requisiteness is not meet for new coming software, and you do not need to latest update then you can select this option for turn off the windows update.

To turn on the Automatic Updates feature

Step 1. Click Start, and go to Control Panel.
Step 2. Click here Performance and Maintenance tab.
Step 3. Now click on system and after click the Automatic Updates Tab.