Your Computer is infected! - Windows Has Detected Spyware Infection

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 ·

It seems justifiable enough and you may even have reason to believe you might have spyware on your computer. So when you see a message popup that says "Your Computer is Infected! Windows has Detected Spyware Infection!" there is a good chance that you may click on the popup thinking Windows is going to help you out on this one. Unfortunately, what is about to happen to you is the exact opposite.

This is yet another awkward method that spyware programmers are using today to get you to either spend money on bogus antispyware software or con you into downloading bogus software which won't fix your computer but will actually download additional spyware infections, and a whole lot of them. So what are you to do?

First off, no way should you ever click on any popup that appears out of nowhere on your computer, especially if it says "Your Computer is Infected." 99% of the time, it is bogus and is designed to get you to do something that will further harm your computer.
Second, you need to urgently get antispyware software downloaded and installed onto your computer. And I am not talking about the freebies like Search and Destroy or Ad-Aware because the truth about those totally free programs is that they don't work. Most spyware removers will allow you to scan your computer for free, but if they will also allow you remove spyware for free they're not going to be effective, plain and simple.
Without going into great detail, just ask yourself why every single vendor that offers totally free spyware removal software also has a "full" or "pro" version that costs money - it is because the freebies only offer a taste of what full blown antispyware software can do.

And by investing in top of the line spyware removal software, you'll not only be able to clean up your computer from current spyware infections, but the real time protection that paid antispyware offers will keep your computer clean in the future as well by stopping potential spyware infections before they have a chance to download onto your computer and do damage.
So the reality of your situation is that you are going to have to invest a few dollars to get a proven and effective spyware remover if you are serious about clearing your computer of spyware completely so that you will never have to see another popup ever again claiming "Your Computer Is Infected! Windows Has Detected Spyware Infection!"

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