Why Switch To Windows Vista

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 ·

In addition to hype there are some tangible reasons to upgrade and or switch over to Windows Vista. I can recount only some of them.

There is lots of tangible reason in addition to hype to upgrade and switch over to Windows Vista. I ma going to recount some of them.

First we start from appearance in Windows Vista everything has a new like windows, desktop, start menu, taskbar. Window in Windows Vista looks similar to that of in Mac OSX. Minimize, Maximize and the close button seems new. The start button has been modified to give a new look and the word "start" is gone. Instead new Windows logo appears in start button. And Windows Vista Desktop contain side bar which show clock , weather forecast and some other widgets as well.

Surfing the Internet, without any security measures invites a major danger Windows Vista provides high level of security measures. Windows Vista has come with a latest version of Internet Explorer which is version 7.0 . The other security measures include tools such as Windows defender, advanced firewall, Encryption/Decryption of data, support for NTFS partitions, auto backup. One of my favorite features in Windows Vista is search results. Users can have a new and improved search experience in Vista; they can manage images more efficiently with inbuilt Photo Gallery and a lot more. Some other advantage of the Windows Vista are given below..

1. Improved Graphical User Interface, the Aero
2. Surf the net, without much worry about security
3. Manage your knotty kids, using parental controls
4. Play multimedia contents using latest media player
5. Improved search, Windows Explorer
6. Date and time, know the difference in time across the world
7. Manage your photos using photo gallery
8. Total different world, new experience

Hopefully you understood what is the advantage of Windows Vista So why we Switch to Windows Vista you got the answer.